The Sound Cat Veterinary Hospital

Hospital Tour

Our virtual hospital tour is a great way to get a feel for our facility and see if it is the right fit for you and your pet.
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Hospital Tour

The Sound Cat Veterinary Hospital


The reception area is clean, comfortable and the coffee is always on!


State-of-the-art digital ultrasound helps our veterinarians make accurate and timely diagnoses, and follow the progress of diseases under treatment. You may take a copy of your cat’s ultrasound on a CD with you to study at a later date or to have as documentation should the need arise to seek emergency or referral care. You are able to remain with your cat in our dedicated ultrasound area while the ultrasound is performed.


Our new digital radiograph system greatly reduces the stress on your cat by reducing the number of exposures needed. Both your cat and the staff receive less radiation. The diagnostic quality of digital radiographs is superior to that of conventional radiograph systems and allows the veterinarian to make more accurate diagnoses.

The Sound Cat also offers digital dental radiography. This is also cutting-edge technology that allows the dental surgeon to instantly evaluate your cat’s periodontal health pre and post-operatively.

Exam rooms

Our exam rooms are furnished with colorful art and real furniture instead of steel and formica. Cats seem to be more relaxed in a less “clinical” and more “homey” environment.

Operating room

The OR is equipped to offer the surgeon “cutting edge” laser equipment for general soft tissue surgery and declaws, The anesthesia system features a concentric circuit to minimize “dead space” for even the tiniest kitten and the newest monitoring equipment to maintain the highest standard of care. The surgeon has a choice of Sevoflurane or Isoflurane inhalant gases with the flip of a dial. A customized heating system maintains the patient’s body temperature. The OR suite is equipped for microsurgery as well.

Treatment room

The treatment room is the heartbeat of the hospital where cats recover from anesthesia under the watchful eye of technicians. All fluids are administered with calibrated intravenous pumps for safety.


The Sound Cat offers a complete in-house laboratory to evaluate blood counts, serum chemistry, blood gases, coagulation, thyroid function, cytology, urinalysis, fecal, and bacteriology. Results can be obtained in minutes for sick cats that enable rapid initiation of appropriate therapy. The hospital also uses Idexx Laboratories for outside reference laboratory support.

Dental surgery

Our professional dental service offers high-quality oral care procedures for your cat in a custom-designed dental surgical suite. Common dental procedures include dental charting and assessment, scaling, polishing, sealant application, extractions, dental x-rays, and periodontal surgery. In addition to the above professional services, home care recommendations and hygiene for your cat will be discussed by your veterinarian. All dental procedures are accomplished under inhalation anesthesia with state-of-the-art monitoring. Appropriate diagnostic tests will be run to ensure your cat is healthy for anesthesia.

Diagnostic tools

In addition to the digital radiograph and ultrasound equipment, the hospital offers intraocular pressure testing with the Tonopen, digital retinal imaging, indirect and Doppler blood pressure testing, endoscopy, and rhinoscopy.


Comfortable condominium units are offered for short or long-term boarding. All of the units are connected and may be expanded for multiple cats that prefer to stay together.

Conference Room

The Sound Cat is proud of its large conference room that is available for continuing education for veterinarians as well as client educational programs.